Why Choose Us

At Hossamy Law, we promise our clients: “INTEGRITY, EXPERIENCE AND ACHIEVEMENT”

To fulfill that promise, we have set ourselves some fundamental values and principles that all our people operate through. These are reflected in everything we do and how we do it, thereby, empowering us to be different and unique.

At Hossamy Law:

1. Clients are at the core of our business

With that being our first and primary concern, we constantly put the time, thought and effort in understanding our clients’ exact needs and industries. This empowers us to provide customized and focused legal advice that will not only meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations.

2. Our people are the key to our success

Considering our people the key to our success, we constantly work on attracting, developing and retaining the best talents in our different practice areas. We operate together through integrity and respect throughout our diversified professional resources that work on varying client needs.

3. We use a comprehensive approach to excellence

Our approach incorporates our industry-specific knowledge, that we built over the years, along with our people’s technical expertise and hands-on experience to ensure that our clients receive effective and consistent results.

4. We are always reliable and accessible to our clients

We believe that in our line of business, being reachable and easily accessible to our clients is an integral part of being lawyers. It is our duty to make ourselves available at all times for any legal advice that our clients may need, whenever the need arises.

5. Community support and contribution is a duty

All our people at Hossamy Law are required to contribute in supporting the communities in need. We perceive that as part of our responsibility of seeking justice. Through our pro bono initiatives, all professionals volunteer some of their time and skills for those who can’t afford our services.