Who We Are

Founded in 2004, by Bahgat El Hossamy, former District Attorney and Chief Judge, Hossamy Law specializes in Corporate and Commercial Law along with their various related practice areas. We provide consistent and reliable solutions within our platform of sectors and services. These include corporate and commercial transactions, capital markets,mergers and acquisitions, international foreign investment as well as regulatory compliance, dispute resolution, employment and contracting matters.

We offer our clients the perfect combination of technical expertise and industry relevant hands-on experience guaranteed to provide them with focused legal advice and solutions. Our clients’ database is diversified, comprising emerging companies, small and medium enterprises, multinationals as well as globally renowned companies from all over the world. We partner with our clients in solving their legal matters; we are always accessible and ready to help maximize their opportunities and minimize their risks.

Our people, the key to our success, come from a broad range of diversified backgrounds, which enriches the solutions provided to our clients. Our team members dedicate themselves to working closely with our clients addressing their every need and any challenge that comes their way. At Hossamy Law, we understand that legal issues arise everyday,accordingly, we are always available for our clients to reach us whenever they need to seek advice.

With a wealth of knowledge, experience and a strong belief in the power of the team rather than the single individual, Hossamy Law is renowned for being one of the most reliable legal service providers for both local and international clients.